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Nov 27, 2012 4:00pm EST
in retail furniture. brown forman in the distillery. it is corporate america. it's not just one group doing this. i made the argument to you during the commercial break. it's good pr if nothing else. >> it's only good pr for the people who don't understand it. yes, i'm getting something back today. but if you look at it as a signal of what's going to happen, what it means for the future growth of the company, i don't think it's such good pr. >> maybe it's a signal about the economy. maybe they're saying they don't have the anything better to do with it. did you see what's happening with taxes likely? it's going to be maybe a tough economy. maybe they telling us this is the best -- and wouldn't you rather have it than blow it on some junky mna deal or hire when it would be a bad time to hire? >> about half of the returns from stocks since 1926 have come from dividends. it's not an insignificant part of the total return over a long period of time. listen, i don't know if companies are really fooling people anyway. if you have all the cash sitting on your balance sheet that's earning zero, tha
Nov 16, 2012 4:00pm EST
is published by little brown. now lionsgate is trying to figure out how to squeeze yet another film out of the franchise. >> why stop at five? julia, thank you very much. now that we've seen the box office results, how are traders looking to play lionsgate? let's find out from brian stutland. managing member of stutland group. what's the trade on lionsgate? >> we saw one big institutional investor. probably someone managing $100 million or more. the sheer notional size of the trade, they're willing to take a shot to the upside. there's true success to the "twilight," we're near the beginning of the end for "twilight." the question is, hunger gaims, the next one coming object board, do we get more upside? willing to get long about 60,000 shares above 17 with the break-even being at about 17.29. we're seeing some bullish activity. that it continues to roll over, lionsgate continues to be in a good position going forward. with all the creation that "twilight" has been able to do for the company. >> the stock is up 82% year to date. stay tuned for options action, because famed investor. jef
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2